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Check why over 5 dance styles in LatinoMix makes their dancers happiest and enjoy the moment!

In Latinomix dance classes, you can enjoy the Latin rhythms, have fun and stay fit! During the dance classes you will learn about different Latin dances (e.g., salsa, samba, bachata, merengue) in short steps. A class can have least 2 to 3 styles and thus teach a variety of different Latin dances, with a good feeling

Fitness Class - fitness| variety| coreo| energetic | 60min

In the class, basic steps are practiced, e.g. salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, samba and chachacha focus on the coreo-steps and flow. We start from the very beginning and do a lot of repetitions in a great mood and energy , welcome to have fun

EasyDance Class - coreo| low intensity| focus

Salsa and Bachata in couple, easy quick and fun way to learn, from very beginners to up, or improve your dance style

Couple Class - Bachata| Salsa| beginner

Reserve a wellness day (TYHY Päivä) with a lot of energy for everyday life. Send me a message latinomixtanssi@gmail.com | @latinomixtanssi

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The latest Finnish hits also find their place in dance classes. There are also rhythmic exercises in play through games and games, so that Latin rhythms become familiar. It is good to have comfortable, elastic sportswear and slippers or indoor shoes that allow you to workout for an hour. Of course, you can also dance barefoot

LatinoMix- Kids - kids | easy coreos | 45min

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